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Early Access Launch - An Update

Posts like these are never easy but sometimes the better choice, is the harder choice. Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt needs a little longer in the oven.

"Greetings Villains! As you know, we planned to release Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt on Steam Early Access on July 26th. We took a good look at what we have, and after some great feedback from our players and some new opportunities that arose recently that are beneficial to the game and the studio, we think it's better if we give the team some breathing space to get the best game ready for you. Therefore we will be delaying our release into Steam Early Access. In the meantime, we still invite you to play the free demo, share your feedback, and actively participate in discussions. We want to provide you with the best experience, and we would love to you invite you on this journey." Mark Drew - Villainous Games Studio


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