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IGN Fan Fest Exclusive & Partnership with Neonhive Games!

Greetings Villains! Wow, did we just drop a bomb on you! 💣 Let's recap!


We are so proud to have been part of IGN's Fan Fest where we revealed the spine-tingling thrills of Harvest Hunt through a stunning new trailer.

The game's release is set for May 2024, and we can't wait to witness you all get lost in the maze of Luna Nova's cornfields! Pause for evil laugh.


We're thrilled to announce our newfound alliance with the ingenious minds at Neonhive Games which is now our publisher! This bunch of creative mavericks are all about bringing extraordinary games to light, and we're ecstatic to be in cahoots with them. Let's give a villainous welcome to our new partners in gaming mischief!


Join the hunt

As the Warden in Harvest Hunt. you’re the last line of defence for the villagers of Luna Nova against a nightmarish fiend. Guard your people, confront nightly horrors and unravel the mysteries surrounding the curse plaguing the land. Forge your arsenal from destiny's whispers – a deck imbued with skills and tools, a blend of stealth and strategy crafted to navigate the hellish maze of Luna Nova's Farmlands.

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