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Harvest Hunt is out NOW!!

Greetings, Villains!

Today marks a diabolical milestone. We have unleashed the chilling survival horror opus, Harvest Hunt 🌖, upon the world!

Click the button below to buy it!

You are the chosen one. Don the mask. Gather Ambrosia. Satiate the Hunger.

As Luna Nova's sole protector, you are all that stands between your villagers and the nightmarish curse that prowls the darkness. Master the art of survival with a deck charged with powerful skills and tools. Offer you body and soul, to stave off starvation as you collect the only crop that can sustain the village of Luna Nova, the sweet Ambrosia. Heed the Whispers as they predict the highlights and hardships of the coming night.

Your support has been crucial in bringing this eerie adventure into the dark heart of Luna Nova to life. As a token of our appreciation, we've prepared some exclusive wallpapers for you to enhance your screens, with added essence of Devourer.

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