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Scottish Games Sale - Supporting Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity

The Scottish Games Sale starts.... now!

Running through until Wednesday 13th September the Scottish Games Sale, supporting the Glasgow Children's Hospital charity, has over 60 participating games available on Steam from Scottish studios and developers!

The sale features a daily deal and games at discounts with a percentage of the proceeds going to the "Games for the Weans" campaign. Villainous Games is very happy to be supporting the campaign with both a donation and by including our demo of Harvest Hunt in the available games.

The campaign will raise funds to help buy adapted gaming equipment, consoles and videogames for the boys and girl's at the children's hospital in Glasgow (the biggest in Scotland). It will also help fund the hospital's Play Team, who ensure the children always have someone to play with.

So check at the games here, and why not support a Scottish developer and raise money for a children's charity at the same time! 🙂

You can read more about the campaign here and donate using JustGiving or Tiltify.


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