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Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt has been funded by UKGF!


You haven't heard from us in a while because we have been working hard on our latest project. Well, today is the day we get to announce that our new project, Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt has been approved for funding by the UK Games Fund!

Harvest Hunt, is a first-person, stealth horror game, played over multiple 10-15 minute runs. The game is based in a dark European folklore setting and brings the tension of horror games and replayability from rogue-lites together, a feature rarely explored in the genre.

You can see our project here on their official website:

We are very excited for you to see more about our game in the upcoming months. Here are some screenshots for now to give you a small taste of this project.

Follow us on our social media websites to get the latest from our studio and get updates about the game.


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