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Get your stealth on!

Stealth Fest is coming to Steam and Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt is hiding in the shadows, ready to take part...

Stealth Fest is a showcase for games that revolve around the concept of stealth gameplay. Whether it's sneaking past enemies, trying not to get detected or planning out the perfect attack from the shadows, Stealth Fest has them all.

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt with its blend of cat-and-mouse, stealth-focused gameplay is sure to get your heart pounding as you creep through the cornfields attempting to avoid the gaze of the Devourer.

The game emphasizes the importance of moving quietly and being mindful of every step you take, as making too much noise or sprinting recklessly could attract deadly attention. Staying hidden and utilising the hiding spots on the map will be crucial for evading the relentless monster stalking you.

In the spirit of true survival horror, resources, tools, and health items are scarce. You must manage them wisely if you don't want to become defenceless and vulnerable when you need them the most. But don't despair! Explore the environment to create distractions and strategise your gameplay ahead of time.

The shadows hold both terror and salvation – choose your path wisely!

Be sure to check out our demo on Steam and follow the community page. We'll also be holding two developer livestreams to show off some late game content for the first time! Get all the details on the first of these, here!


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