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EXCLUSIVE Harvest Hunt playtest!

Greetings fellow Wardens!

From now until the end of the year we will be running a playtest for our game Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt!

The playtest will be run via Steam and it will include brand new content of our game!

What's New?

If you played the demo of Harvest Hunt then you might have experienced what our game is all about. The demo takes part at the beginning of the game and had the onboarding and tutorialization turned on.

The playtest consists of three nights and has most of our onboarding difficulty settings off so you can experience what the game is like in mid-progression.

  • New monster ability to fight off (Spine Growth)

  • More abilities (Village Fortifications & Warden Strengths) will be available to equip and try out

  • More Tools will be unlocked to play around with

  • More Whispers (nightly challenges) are unlocked to encounter


To sign up all you have to do is Request Access via the game's Steam page.

We will be running the playtest with a few people at a time and reviewing the feedback before allowing more people to join the playtest so if you request to join but have not been granted access please be patient!


To leave us feedback please use this feedback form which is also provided in the playtest build (Main menu) once granted access.

All feedback is anonymous and we will be using it to improve the gameplay of Harvest Hunt. We are really looking forward to hearing your feedback be it tweaks, new ideas or bugs!

Thank you so much for your interest Wardens, and see you in Luna Nova!


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