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CMD:Studio goes Villainous!

We’re thrilled to announce we have officially rebranded to Villainous Games Studio!

The Villainous Games Studio banner reflects our studio's undying passion for the horror genre, along with the countless jump scares and screams the team has set out to deliver for years to come.

"Villainous Games Studio is dedicated to crafting highly polished and unusual indie horror games. We want to bring the “bump in the night” through the unique strengths of our medium, for gamers of all backgrounds.

While we all have a genuine passion for horror, our studio culture is built on pillars of kindness. Our mission is to foster a creative, inclusive, and positive atmosphere that attracts a diverse array of talented individuals. By providing a welcoming working environment and a strict "no crunch" policy, we strive to enable the collaboration of creative minds in bringing our haunting visions to life"

- Mark Drew, Creative Director

Speaking of things to come, here is a small taste of what we’re working on, more very soon fellow Villains!


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