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Bite-Sized Horror Bundle is Live on Steam

Happy first day of summer!

This month we're collaborating with Ridentem Games and Rfdshir Games to bring you a bespoke collection of three short indie horror games on Steam.

Get ready to sink your teeth into the Bite-Sized Horror bundle! It's already live!

The Bite-sized Horror bundle comes with a 10% discount and includes:

  • Horror Stories: PLEASE COMPLY by CMD:Studio

  • Playback Trauma: The Beach by Ridentem Games

  • Isolomus by Rfdshir Games

Three different games from three different creators — what a great way to spend one of these summer evenings!

Follow us (@cmdstudiogames) and our collaborators Ridentem Games (@_RIDENTEM) and Michael Rfdshir (@MichaelRfdshir) on Twitter!

The artwork for the bundle is provided by our very own fantastic Uriel Cordas (@urielcordas)


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